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Owner Protections:

Lawful Legal Protections; Yes They Exist; No Hiding Necessary * California Law

* Special California Cannabis Industry Entity & Asset Protections based in California Law;
* Legal Protections that protect legal business operations and or owners
*  Legal Protections that may even be available if being sued,
have judgments or may be sued in the future

Enjoy a legal article written after lessons learned starting over 28 years ago as a Beverly Hills business manager to the stars.  Yes there are lawful legal protections available to owners without offshore or hiding assets or vulnerable fraudulent transfers of assets.

13 Secrets, Law, Asset Protections, Cannabis Law Protections

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* The Most common civil law problems with small businesses losing in court when attacked are lack of proper and effective entity formation with smart safeguard agreements, leases, and resolutions.

Enjoy an article written after emergency legal representation in a federal lawsuit against the owners:


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2022 NEWS FTC FRANCHISING FRAUD: The FTC (and DOJ) filed a fraud and illegal practices lawsuit against Burgerim, the first FTC action under the Franchise Rule since 2007, for uncertain fees (royalties, loyalty fees, kickbacks), misrepresentations (‘business in a box’), predatory practices, not opening stores, leaving franchisees in debt, targeting of veterans, etc. Franchisor Oren Loni, reportedly left the country. “The FTC’s Franchise Rule is designed to stop franchisors from taking advantage of prospective franchisees who are considering opening their own businesses,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Brian M. Boynton of the Justice Department’s Civil Division. “The Consumer Protection Branch will vigorously pursue those who violate the law by using misrepresentations to sell franchises.” Click Link to Read FTC Burgerim Complaint | Note making a private right of action for Franchise Rule violations will a cause of action for same, but it also allows evidence to support all appropriate state causes of action such as Fraud, UCL, Breach of Contract, Promissory Estoppel, etc. The latter is exactly that strategy used by attorney Rich Rydstrom to enforce the HAMP Guidelines in California Courts (See West v. JP Morgan Chase, 2013). The FTC implemented a new fraud reporting tool for franchisees, |
2023 Asset Protection Article:

2023 Small Businesses and Franchise Businesses! By Attorney Rich Rydstrom
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